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  • I am a Hertfordshire based Videographer with both camera and editing skills WORKED ON: Music Videos: Set it alight-Shipwreck

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  • a freelance. Good Experience. have my own studio offering: Composing Sound Design Sound Editing Overdubs Follie work Sound Mixing Sound reels for actors WORKED ON: Feature Films: Evidence Of Exis...

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  • Cinematic Composer, specialising in Music Production for Film and TV with 15 years musical experience.

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  • acting, singing, contemporary dance, improvisation techniques, auto cue , mesmerised to camera, ballet, street dance, break dance, presenting skills WORKED ON: Feature Films: claudia bedlam, welco...

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  • YouGoFar Productions is developing content films, animation and tablet games. We will consider Project proposals at all stages. WORKED ON: Short Films: Bird Karma, Hard Art, Killer Driller

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