Marc Biedul

Marc Biedul



  • Year
  • 2008
    BA Hons Film and Media Studies
    The University of Stirling

About me

It's hard for me to define myself without drifting into film territory. Film will always be an integral part of my life; whether it's working towards a career or frequently going to the cinema as a favourite past time. Nonetheless, If I were to take film out of the equation my passion for music, books, theatre and travel would be just as apparent. They will all be sought after on a day to day basis and demonstrate how I like to spend my time.

If I were to describe myself in three words, I would say: loyal, ambitious and persistent. I have an overwhelming sense of loyalty to my friends, family and colleagues and also to the responsibilities I have been given as an individual. In regards to film making, whatever the obstacle and no matter how arduous, I firmly believe in sustaining loyalty to the needs of a production and for the good of everyone involved. I have always pushed myself to the best of my abilities and my sights will always be aimed high for bigger and more exciting challenges.

My persistence is what helps me conquer these goals.


Scott Johnson
Mallard Productions
17 Newton Terrace
G3 7PJ

Tanzi Bizounus
CSV Media Clubhouse
120 Princes Street


Primary Job Category
Camera Operator (HD)
Secondary Job Category
Director (Self Shooting)
Years in industry
3 to 6 years
Job Category
AD (1st), AD (3rd), Camera (Wildlife), Camera Operator (HD), Director, Director (2nd Unit), DV Camera Assistant, DV Camera Operator, Floor Assistant, Production Assistant, Script Writer
Experienced in
Comedy, Commercials, Cookery, Corporate, Digital/Online Campaigns, Documentary, Film (Short), Music Promo, News & Current Affairs, Sport
Standard Driving (PLG)
Interested in
Arts, Comedy, Commercials, Documentary, Film (Feature), Film (LB), Film (Short), Music, Television, Travel
DBS checked